Keith Powers
Facility Manager

Keith joined the StrikeForce staff in late 2013, managing the SFS Pro Shop

Keith is now the Facility Manager at StrikeForce. He has an extensive knowledge of airsoft, and a background in business management and sales. Keith is passionate about building StrikeForce Sports into the greatest airsoft, training and gaming facility possible.


Glen Tarmey

Indoor Airsoft Field

Glen stumbled into the StrikeForce Pro Shop in 2012 looking for a different and exciting work experience.  Starting his job as a field ref trusted in running the late night sessions, Glen was eager to grow with StrikeForce Sports and has helped the field grow to the energetic killhouse that it is today.  After taking a short 6 month leave, he has come back re-fueled and determined to give both new players and old a comfortable and fun time during their stay.


Allan Rodriquez
Mil/LE Relations

Allan has been with StrikeForce since 2009.  With 10 years of Marine Corps experience and 8 years playing airsoft, Allan brings practical knowledge of real steel weaponry and tactics to customers seeking to build accurate impressions. Allan is warm, friendly, and will break your hand with the most powerful handshake ever known to man. Allan handles MIL/LE training within and outside of StrikeForce Sports to increase the reach and services offered by SFS. This helps professionals gain the advantage of having an alternate and safe way of training.




Pro Shop

Jacob, better known as “Chipmunk” around StrikeForce, has made SFS his second home. Self proclaimed as Paul’s “third son,” Chipmunk started working at StrikeForce as a chronograph operator, but has worked his way into the Pro Shop as a Salesman. He loves meeting new customers and giving his own opinions on many of the airsoft guns, gear and accessories we sell. You can usually catch him building an unusual or unordinary airsoft gun, or quickly darting around the building stashing who-knows-whats in the who-knows-where.