This section is for informational purposes only.
This is our Tech Department sign in sheet.
Please read and understand what you are signing before committing to dropping off a weapon or accessory.
This sheet MUST be filled out when you drop off an item to be worked on. We will provide it for you at the Pro Shop!
Thank you for your continued patronage!

I __________________________ (PRINT NAME), hereby authorize StrikeForce Sports to perform upgrade / repair work to the item I am dropping off in their care. The StrikeForce Sports Tech department reserves the right to deny work for any reason. All work performed will be subject to the discretion of the technical staff. If work is completed or denied, I agree to pick up my gun and/or accessories within 6 months from the date of first attempt at contact informing me of the completion or denial of work by the StrikeForce Sports Tech department. Failure to pick up my gun and/or accessories means I have abandoned my property at the StrikeForce Sports facility and I surrender ownership I agree to bring my repair ticket stub when I come to pick up my gun or accessory. Failure to do so will result in an additional $10.00 charge in addition to the cost of the repair / upgrade.