Field Safety

We are commited to the safety of all of our customers, as well as those around our facility. Therefore, we require that all airsoft guns are transported into our building in a gun case or bag, or otherwise fully concealed from public view.
Additionally, while inside the facility we require that all airsoft guns are fitted with a barrel sock safety device. This eliminates the risk of accidental firing of bb’s within our goggle-free areas. These items are for sale at minimal cost in our Pro Shop and are strictly enforced at our field.

Public Sessions

Allowable BB speeds are as follows:

-AEG’s must fire at or below 380FPS with a .20g BB

-HPA guns must fire at or below 320FPS with a .20g BB

• All guns must be transported into and out of our facility in a gun box or case.
• All magazines must removed in our staging area, gun set to “safe” and barrel sock affixed.
• Semi-automatic shooting only. (no full auto/burst)
• Full seal eye protection is required on the field at all times. No mesh goggles. Players under 18 years old must have solid lower face protection.
• Cheating or unsportsman like conduct will result in removal from field or facility, as determined by our field managing staff.